What We Do

We constantly try to achieve our objective by working on areas like -

  1. Poverty Alleviation – The foundation tirelessly works in achieving its objective of alleviating poverty from our country which is possibly the biggest impediment in the development of this nation. Various activities are been undertaken by the foundation like free distribution of food, helping individuals get job etc.
  2. Rural Health – Another area of our work is to provide better health facilities and medical support to the downtrodden. This is achieved by organizing free health checkup campaigns, distribution of free medicines, organizing free health and hygiene seminars, adopting villages and orphanages and providing them free access to better medical facilities etc.
  3. Training and Leadership Programs – From college students to corporates to Indian Army soldiers and officers, Mahima Foundation under the leadership of Abhinav Nath has inspired and helped everyone to realize their hidden talent and emerge as a leader. The training programs are customized according to the needs of the organization and cover aspects like – Self leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Team and Group Performance, Customer Centricity, Contextual Leadership, Spiritual Enlightenment etc.
  4. Disaster Management – The foundation has been quite active in providing support and relief aid in times of various natural calamities to the sufferers. The volunteers of the foundation take part in providing all kinds of support in the form of distributing food packets, organizing first aid medical camps, providing clean and safe drinking water etc.
  5. Environmental and Ecological Conservation – Various campaigns have been organized by the foundation from to time on issues of environmental protection and maintaining ecological balance like – No plastic campaign, Tree plantation drive, Cleanliness campaigns etc.
  6. Education for all – We truly believe that children are the future of this country and therefore we relentlessly pursue our dream of providing free education facilities to all those children who are deprived of it. We provide free education to rural children, children in orphanages so that they carve a niche for themselves and help in the overall development of our society.