We thoroughly appreciate the efforts of Mahima Foundation in starting a literacy drive and free education campaign in our village. There is a whole new interest that is developed amongst the children towards education and learning.

-Prerna Tiwari, Primary School Teacher in Harola Village.

The Foundation is doing commendable work by organizing free health checkup campaigns across various orphanages and providing good quality medical facilities to those who were deprived of it. A big salute to the foundation.

-Dr. B.S Aggarwal, MBBS, MD

I had the privilege of attending some of the leadership seminars of Mr. Abhinav Nath. His brilliant style of storytelling mesmerizes the audiences and leaves an indelible impression on your mind.

-Col. C.S Pandey

I volunteered with the foundation six months back and it feels great to be a part of something that is constantly trying to bring a difference in the lives of millions of those who were living in abject poverty and had nothing but pain in their lives.

-Ashima Gupta

The way Mr. Nath addresses the audience is quite fantastic. Once you attend his sessions, you feel deeply energized and charged up and a feeling will certainly develop in you to be a part of something that is revolutionary.

-Major A.K Handa

Mahima Foundation is doing stupendous work in bringing a ray of hope in the lives of those who were neglected by the society for years and I truly support the foundation in every possible manner.

-A.P Bansal, SDM

I along with many of my batch mates were also inspired by Abhinav Sir and his way of dealing with youth and its issues. He makes you tremendously comfortable and good about you that you start believing in your potential and self-worth.

-Yashvi Gupta, PGDM Student

The Inspired Leadership Programme of Mahima Foundation is truly incredible. It develops a sense of pride and commitment in the participants and in a simple way teaches them some of the fundamental lessons of leadership.

-Rahul Bhasin, B.Tech Student

I thank my college for making us a part of the Inspired Leadership Programme of Mahima Foundation. After attending it, I started seeing myself in a different way and there is so much confidence and self-belief in me which was never there in my personality.

-Shivam Jain

The foundation is truly one of its kinds not just in terms of its work but also in terms of its methodology. It feels great to be associated with something like this.

-Richa Shroff