Inspired Leadership Program

Mr. Abhinav Nath, under the umbrella of Mahima Foundation runs inspired leadership program for college students to help them acquire those essential skills that enables them to become self- motivated and inspired leaders. These programmes are run throughout the year for students of various colleges across the country. Various objectives of this leadership programme are –

  • ♦ Motivate students to perform better in their academic courses.
  • ♦ Identify their inner talent and explore immense possibilities and opportunities for themselves.
  • ♦ Helping them develop right set of attitude and skills so that they can become better individuals and eventually better citizens.
  • ♦ Understand their responsibility towards their nation, society and family.
  • ♦ Motivate them to volunteer for undertaking various societal development projects and assignments.
  • ♦ Helping them identify their strengths and weaknesses and work upon them accordingly.
  • ♦ Working with them in a simple way to make them understand the importance of working in groups and team, developing better collaborating and networking skills, caring and sharing with team members etc.
  • ♦ Helping them manage their success and failure in the right way.

With close to 10 years of experience in teaching and training (right from college students to corporates to army soldiers and officers), Mr Abhinav Nath tries to achieve the above mentioned objectives by conducting seminars, sessions, motivational and leadership talks for students of various colleges across the country.